From Office Centric to Human Centric: The Case for Conversational AI

With 49% of employees saying they’d quit if forced to return to the office, HR leaders are focused on defining strategies for retention and experience that extend through the employee lifecycle. They need to rethink the future of work in a hybrid world, and that means embracing emerging technologies. 

Gartner predicts by 2023, 75% of HR service management inquiries will be initiated through conversational platforms. A virtual assistant incorporates conversational AI and automation to proactively reach out throughout the employee lifecycle easing onboarding, promotions, relocations, family changes, and more. 

In this webinar, Criss Marshall, CMO and Employee Adoption Evangelist at Espressive, discusses the evolution in employee sentiment since the pandemic began and the implications that has for HR leaders. It also explores:

  • What it means to develop a human centric model that will drive performance
  • How to leverage conversational AI to facilitate change as you evolve to the hybrid world
  • Real-world use cases and case studies demonstrating how to succeed with AI
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Criss Marshall
CMO & Employee Adoption Evangelist, Espressive

Criss has a passion for building employee adoption and engagement. Several years ago, she led the corporate rebrand of NetApp, inspiring 15,000 employees around the globe to adopt, embrace, and evangelize the new corporate brand. At Espressive, she developed an innovative Employee Adoption Program that is helping employees consume new digital technology — which is vitally important for the Future of Work where the "employee experience" is now the "digital experience."

Virtual agent basics

Important considerations to ensure high adoption


Pat Calhoun, CEO and Founder of Espressive

Cost containment, employee experience, and digital transformation are top business priorities in 2021 as a result of the pandemic