How To Achieve The Gold Standard In IT Service Desks

As Dexcom experienced tremendous growth, Dennis Vazquez, Head of IT, saw an opportunity to automate the service desk rather than continue to hire more help desk agents. To achieve this, Espressive Barista, an AI-based virtual support agent, was launched to provide one place where employees could go to get help.

Barista did more than just automate the resolution of repetitive questions. Barista opened up the opportunity for Dennis to completely rethink how a service desk should be structured. Learn how Dennis restructured his team, upskilling his agents for new responsibilities, all while improving the employee experience.

Pat Calhoun, CEO and Founder of Espressive, interviews Dennis to learn his secrets for building a highly efficient IT organization through automation – achieving The Gold Standard in IT Service Desks.



Dennis Vazquez                        Pat Calhoun 
Manager of IT, Dexcom            Founder and CEO of Espressive

Virtual agent basics

Important considerations to ensure high adoption


Pat Calhoun, CEO and Founder of Espressive

Cost containment, employee experience, and digital transformation are top business priorities in 2021 as a result of the pandemic