Beyond Tier 1:

How to Automate Your Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support for Maximum ROI 

Automating Tier 1 IT support with a virtual agent (VA) keeps repetitive questions, like password reset, from monopolizing your help desk—saving money. However, many issues require Tier 2 and 3 agents—your most expensive resources.  


How do you leverage a VA to automate more expensive tiers? Use conversational AI with technologies like RPA, end point management, and IPaaS.  


A VA not only answers questions, it can also collect information reducing the burden on agents, as well as execute tasks like provisioning software accounts, changing permissions for applications, or even execute tasks on an endpoint (e.g., run a diagnosis, determine memory utilization). In short, automating tasks that required Tier 2 and 3. 
Nelson Viega, Field CTO at Espressive, will discuss use cases for VAs including automatic remediation and proactive engagement. Join this session to learn how to select and deploy a solution that will improve MTTR while saving you money.  


Nelson Veiga

Field CTO, Espressive

Speaker Bio:

Nelson is a technology focused cross-functional leader with a proven ability to execute across Customer Success, Operations, and Engineering. Throughout his 20+ year career, Nelson has leveraged technology to deliver business excellence and results. Prior to joining Espressive, Nelson was VP of Enterprise at Vindicia focused on customers in various industries throughout the Americas. He previously served as COO at Duetto, where he oversaw the company’s day-to-day operations across Global Sales, Customer Success, and System Deployment Organizations.


Nelson holds a Master’s in Management Information Systems from Florida International University and served in the United States Navy. 

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