Dexcom IT and HR Leaders Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Employee Self-Help


Dexcom, Inc. has emerged as a leader in diabetes care technology. John Jacobs, Head of IT Desktop Support, made the decision to transform his help desk with intelligent automation to relieve increased IT ticket volume, and HR quickly joined in.


Dexcom was experiencing tremendous growth, which was causing the number of help desk tickets to rise. While IT had implemented a ServiceNow portal, employees found the portal experience to be frustrating, so they continued calling and emailing the help desk instead. HR had similar challenges, though it was more complex because they support employees in the Philippines, where answers to HR questions are very different from what they are in the U.S.


Espressive Barista, an AI-based virtual support agent, was launched to provide a self-help solution that employees would adopt. Barista gives immediate answers to employee questions around the globe, providing personalized answers based on each employee’s location. Because Barista integrates bi-directionally with ServiceNow and ingests knowledge base articles, they were able to optimize existing investments.


Since the initial release of Barista, Dexcom has achieved 93% accuracy with 64% ticket deflection. Barista’s omni-channel capability has enabled them to intercept 96% of emails to the help desk. They also invented and implemented “Ask Barista Fridays,” which dramatically increased employee interactions with Barista while reducing phone calls by almost 50%.

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