The 2020 pandemic brought seismic shifts to organizations, the economy, and the world, impacting both employees and employers. While work from home mandates struck in March of 2020, they are expected to extend throughout 2021.

And while the economy is recovering, budgets are not. A CIO survey at a recent Gartner conference revealed that IT budgets are only growing 2% in 2021. That means cost containment is still paramount, which is a primary catalyst for digital transformation.

Many enterprises have already experienced new mandates for digital transformation in order to achieve cost containment. This had a direct impact on the IT help desk, as they had to: (1) support a remote workforce 24/7; (2) handle a 35% increase in inquiries; and (3) support the launch of digital technologies. The traditional help desk no longer works—the negative impact to your budget, workforce productivity, and employee satisfaction are too great.

If you’re rolling out new digital technologies to reduce costs without first automating your help desk, your agents will be overwhelmed, and your employees won’t get the support they need. When that occurs, your efforts to save money might end up costing you more.

This eBook discusses:

• Why digital transformation should begin with your internal help desk; 

• Case studies of enterprises who automated their help desks with a virtual support agent (VSA);

• Three key requirements for selecting a VSA for employee self-help.

Virtual agent basics

Important considerations to ensure high adoption