Gartner released their “2019 CIO Survey: CIOs Have Awoken to the Importance of AI¹” this past January. In their report, Gartner revealed that the percentage of enterprises deploying AI had tripled over the prior three years. In addition, they cited that chatbots had displaced fraud detection as the top use of AI.

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s time for CIOs to look at what has worked and what hasn’t worked with chatbot deployments to ensure that their teams invest wisely in the coming year. Rumi Olsen, Solutions Architect at AWS, and Pat Calhoun, CEO and founder of Espressive, explore the challenges that organizations have faced deploying AI-based chatbots. They will also share their predictions for what is to come in 2020.

Join Rumi and Pat in this webinar to learn:

• The challenges with implementing AI-based chatbots in 2019

• Predictions for AIML technology and chatbots in 2020

         • How to evaluate chatbot approaches to get the best ROI

Rumi Olsen

Rumi Olsen, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Rumi Olsen is a seasoned computer scientist with over a decade of engineering experience. As a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS she solves day-to-day challenges for cloud builders globally. Rumi has deep expertise in AWS Lambda and Amazon SageMaker. She has prior development experience with natural language processing technologies similar to what Amazon Comprehend provides today. She brings that experience to the AWS Machine Learning stack enabling a new generation of technologies.


Pat Calhoun, CEO and Founder of Espressive

Pat is a visionary leader with an intense focus on user experience and customer adoption. As CEO at Espressive, Pat is set to transform the enterprise self-help experience to a consumer-like approach that drives employee adoption and significantly reduces help desk call volume. Pat’s first startup, Airspace, grew revenues to over $80M in two years before being sold to Cisco for $450M. Pat served as senior vice president of product at ServiceNow, general manager of the network security business for McAfee, CTO for the Cisco switching, routing, wireless, and security access business, and GM of the Cisco identity business. Pat holds 35 patents and has been published in more than 16 publications.

¹Gartner, “2019 CIO Survey: CIOs Have Awoken to the Importance of AI,” Chris Howard, Andy Rowsell-Jones. January 3, 2019.

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