In 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) was thrown around as a buzzword related to chatbots for employee self-help. Unfortunately, the specific requirements of AI were not made clear, causing confusion when evaluating options. There was a belief that if you bought a chatbot you automatically acquired strong AI, and so AI became just a "checklist item" in RFPs. In reality, many chatbots have little if any AI.

Now that natural language processing (NLP) is being touted as the next big requirement for chatbots, NLP is on the path to becoming the next "checklist item" . . . unless you have a clear understanding of key NLP requirements.

Join Fran Fernandez, chief product officer at Espressive, as he discusses:

• NLP fundamentals to provide a baseline understanding
• The relationship between NLP and ticket deflection
• Key NLP requirements for an employee self-help chatbot

This webinar will prepare you to build a list of NLP requirements for your RFP that will enable you to confidently select a chatbot that will deliver real business value.

Fran Fernandez, Chief Product Officer, Espressive

As the first ever product manager hired at ServiceNow, Fran is intimately familiar with the ITSM market. Fran has a wealth of experience in both artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) and is a pioneer for conversational chatbots. He is an expert in blending consumer design principles with the best AI technologies to create exceptional self- help experiences. Prior to being chief product officer at Espressive, Fran held leadership positions at ServiceNow, BMC Software, and CA Technologies. As director of product management at BigPanda, Fran helped organizations process a storm of data into meaningful inputs they could react to.

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